Today at work I’ve been planning out my March schedule of cycling. I signed up for the March Madness duathlon on March 30 (fat tire division) in Central Park. I bought a package of five spin classes at Asphalt Green. For Christmas a running buddy gave me a gift certificate for Flywheel which is supposed to be great. I have a free trial at Soul Cycle and Pablo Fitness. Gyms like Equinox and NYSC also offer classes so I can try those and figure out what’s best for my training. In the first week I’m going to try to hit each location.
While planning my training schedule I spoke to my friend Gary who does spinning regularly and he said rest days aren’t needed so I’m going to take classes or go on the stationary bike in the gym 5-6 days a week. The duathlon in Central Park is two loops of the park so once a week I’ll time myself on the course. At least once a week I’ll do repeats of the running portion in the park as well. March is coming together!

I was concerned it wouldn’t be interesting to write down the minutiae of this months training plan. I decided to do it anyway to document what I’ve been doing. I’ve been following a diet plan Jehina made. It’s five meals a day as follows;

Meal 1 before tennis-black cup coffee and 1/2 cup oatmeal with choice of protein (like eggs or egg whites)

Meal 2 protein shake with a banana and a handful of nuts (I’ve been using pea protein powder)

Meal 3 small baked potato, some chicken and broccoli (20grams from chicken)

Meal 4 1/2 cup quinoa and protein OR a light snack like yogurt and a small fruit salad and handful of nuts

Meal 5 greens like kale or spinach with fish or white meat equivalent to 20grams of protein or just a big salad with mixed green veggies

Drink at least 32 oz of water

We have two training sessions together per week. I do cardio at least 5 days and any other weight training she tells me to do. In addition to that I play tennis 5 to 6 times a week.

I started the diet plan she gave me on January 15 so now I’m at five weeks. I get one cheat day a week, but it usually just turns into one cheat meal. Jehina tells me not to weigh myself but I can’t help it! I haven’t lost any weight and when I told her she said to cut the carbs and make my portion sizes smaller. This is only been over the last three or four days but I find myself not eating all five of my meals.

Jehina told me at three months I would be ready for a fitness competition in a bodybuilding show. I feel like the changes I have so far are so minuscule it will take me three years to be ready for a show. I don’t mind that I’ve modified my diet completely and I’ve been enjoying my training but I feel like the only way I could do it quickly is by taking steroids.

I only have one more week where I’m going to be completely focused on weight training. Next week I’ll put up my before and after photos.

I decided next months focus will be cycling. There’s a duathlon in Central Park on March 30. I’m going to take as many spin classes as I possibly can and ride my hybrid outside. I’m going to start looking for a training plan I can follow.

Over the next month I will still see my trainer twice a week, keep playing tennis, but the focus will be on cycling to get ready for the duathlon.

my body as sculpture

In September 2013 I finished a long-term goal of running a marathon in every state in the US. In the months leading up to my finish I was at a loss for what to do next, I loved the all-consuming nature of marathon running along with the joy of traveling. When I finished I decided to also run a marathon in every country that had one, but at this point I can’t travel out of the country frequently so I needed something else to focus ¬†on. For many years I wanted to try a new sport that I could be as passionate about as I was with running. I decided that I needed to have some sustained exposure to a sport and I came up with the idea to focus on a sport every month for a year.
I decided to start in February 2014 with weight training. I’ve been doing weight training with my trainer for 2 years off and on. I’ve never followed the diet she recommended (giving up bread??!) or a weight training workout plan because my focus was on running. Along with this project I needed some rules. How many days do I engage in the sport? How do I measure my progress? I knew I wanted to participate in a competition in each sport if I could. I thought weight training was a proper start because I would follow everything my trainer Jehina Malik told me to do, I didn’t have to come up with arbitrary rules for myself. From training days to nutrition, I would be immersed into a month of intense torture.