Slow start

It took me until today to get to another spin class. Blah.

Sunday I worked all day so I couldn’t find a class. I had downloaded the app Cycle Coach so tried it in the gym in my building. The problem was it was an upright bike but not a spin bike and when I would go into third position the wheel would lurch. I gave up after 5 minutes because I didn’t feel like peddling as fast as I could on my tush. I ran on the treadmill instead.
Monday was a rest day. Tuesday I played tennis for two hours and then worked upper body with Jehina. Wednesday was a hard leg workout with Jehina. Thursday I played tennis and then went to a vinyasa class. Today I played tennis and finally went to spin again. I got there early so I ended up being on the bike for 70 minutes.
I enjoyed today’s class more than the first but it took me about 35 minutes to start feeling good. I have that happen when I run too. Most of the time it takes seven or eight miles to feel warmed up and ready to give 100% effort.

This coming week I’m going to put more effort into going to classes since that was my plan for the month. I won’t set the bar high- maybe just three classes instead of this weeks measly two.

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