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Gary and I took a spin class at Asphalt Green this morning. It was my first since 2010 so I only had a vague idea how to set up my bike. I had to attach clips, which took longer than it should have since I didn’t do it properly. The class itself felt pretty cramped, bikes were in close proximity to each other. I imagine most classes in NYC will be like this since space is at a premium. At the beginning I was very sensitive to the crowding because I prefer some distance and it was reminding me of a corral at a race or Britney Spears in Vegas concert. I also didn’t want to be pelted with sweat or bodily fluids by anyone near by – it happens in full Bikram yoga classes.
The total ride time for the class was 50 minutes. At 15:40 I started sweating but kept thinking, “running is way harder.” I was in control of the intensity of my workout but because I’m so used to endurance races I kept finding myself settle at a comfortable pace and I would really have to push myself to ride harder. The positives were I sweated for most of the class and I was done with cardio early in the day, next time I’ll push harder.
Tomorrow I work most of the day and I haven’t been able to find an evening spin class in my neighborhood. I’m going to keep looking because I would like to take a class every day until the race. I downloaded three different spin apps so I’ll go to the gym and do one on my own if I end up not finding one.
Lastly, here’s my calf before my month of spinning next to Gary’s. We didn’t really get a good photo because all our running group agrees Gary has the most defined calves and should be a Shape-up model.

Gary's Shape-up calf

Gary’s Shape-up calf

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