Pyongyang Marathon

I’m planning on running a marathon in every country that has one. I found a list of races with about 70 countries represented on it, which seems like a very doable goal considering it took just under 11 years to do the 50 states. I didn’t start out with the goal of running each state so in the first three years I only did four marathons and I took a full year off for an injury too.  Countries will be more expensive and have more travel time, so I can expect this to take longer, but I’m so excited about it.

When I told other people about my goal, they would ask about going to war torn countries but I explained many don’t have races. It did inspire me to look at races that have a challenge to get there and North Korea was one of the first ones researched. When I first looked up the Pyongyang Marathon, only elite international runners were allowed in. Now I saw “every day runners” (but arguably elite for women) are allowed in with a sub 3:00 time. For the half-marathon they don’t have this time restriction. I did some more research and came across this tour info. I would LOVE to do this so much!! Normally a half-marathon wouldn’t get me to travel somewhere, but for this, ABSOLUTELY!

I met Anders (an avid traveler, tour guide, writer for Swedish Runners World) in North Dakota. North Dakota was state 43 for both of us. Since then he’s finished his 50 states and finished an incredible amount of countries. I won’t tell you how many because I’m incredibly jealous. Anyway, I’m sure when I’ll do this, he’d be a willing travel companion. He may even beat me to it.

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