6 weeks of Jehina complete

Today was the last session of the month with Jehina. It was a really fun, hard workout with all my favorite things like squats and the leg press. All month Jehina told me not to weigh myself so I tried not to, but I couldn’t stop myself sometimes, so my weight today didn’t come as a surprise. Feb 1st I was 145.0 lbs, today I was 145.8 lbs. I was hoping to lose a few pounds with changing my diet because when I’m running regularly, I’m at least 7 lbs lighter. Since my last marathon in November I’ve put on some pounds that don’t want to come off without 20 mile runs and starvation.

There were some definite changes in my body but I don’t think my full set of “after” photos are good enough, so I’ll leave you with this only slightly muscular photo.

jehina after


Only a few more years until I’m ready for a bodybuilding show!


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