Finishing up with Jehina

Tomorrow will be my last one on one training session with Jehina for February. Today we had an arm and core workout, tomorrow is legs. My “after” photos will be taken tomorrow. My prediction is slightly less back fat. It’s going to take a long time to prepare for a body building show but I’ve started. I’m going to continue training with her twice a week until I’m prepared for a show.

Gary is on board training for the duathlon with me and he signed up for the race yesterday. He got second place in his age in his last duathlon, so he has incentive to train and get first this time. Having a workout buddy makes training so much fun and keeps me accountable so this is adding to my enthusiasm. I play tennis twice a week with someone willing to do some running after our hit, so I’m going to take him up on it and do some of my training with him.

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