In June I did a number of races including TGNY 100. Here’s a nice video about it:


I wanted to do a body building show sooner than later, so the last few weeks have been prepping for that rather than taking on a new sport. I do 5 days a week of cardio, 5 days of weight training. I actually think I’ve only had 1 rest day in the past few weeks because so many days I play tennis too, but that doesn’t count toward my training. I want to do the Brooklyn Grand Prix on Oct 4th.

I really need to find a posing coach because I know that will be my biggest struggle along next to losing all my body fat. I thought about getting a bright orange spray tan like an Oompa Loompa but I’m told the judges will mark points off.

So my trainer told me no more long distance running but last night I snuck in a 6 hour race, the Pajama Romp, in Astoria Park. I ran over 33 miles but it’s not long distance until I’m over 50 miles.